Texas Allied Petroleum – what gave them success

Texas Allied Petroleum, a privately owned company based in Austin Texas, is strongly making its presence felt in the oil and natural gas industry. Supervised by a board of experienced directors, TAP actively engages in the exploration, development as well as production of oil and natural gas in the Texas Gulf Coast.
Within just six years after its inception in November 2005, the company has managed to build sub-offices in several states including Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming and Louisiana. This is remarkable for such a young company, which is poised to becoming one on the key players in the oil and natural gas industry.
There is no need to mention how much the expansion and building of sub-offices in these regions has led to increased production capacity of the company. In fact, currently the company’s production capacity is well over 550,000 cubic feet of gas and oil on a daily basis. With such remarkable production, a number of organizations such as the Texas Oil and Gas Association, the prestigious Dunn & Bradstreet as well as the Austin Chamber of Commerce, has shown their trust and full commitment to the company by registering them.
What makes the Texas Allied Petroleum outstanding is that even with such notable accomplishments the top management and employees are still firmly committed to building excellent client-customer relationships, and to the provision of high-quality services. It has participated actively, together with other large and international oil companies in drilling, exploration and carrying out oil tests in various wells. One the most noticeable is the WilsonTodd well located in Coffee, Kansas. It is about 2,250 feet. With the use of modern and advanced oil drilling, exploration and production technology, TAP is also involved in the Colorado situated oil well, which is doing well. With the use of advanced tools such as the 3D seismic mapping device, it has the ability to find new natural oil reserves. This gadget specifically works by detecting of seismic activities. Alongside that, TAP makes use of the surface discharge process, another major innovation in the oil industry, to discover oil reserves. With these innovations, the company has been able to discover, explore and produce gas and oil in Cooper Cove fields, as well as Laramie. What’s more, the company is still planning to produce, and run about four oil wells in the Yegua sand, plus taking part in the completion of the Neuman well in Liberty County.





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