3 key steps to succeed on Instagram

You know that Instagram has a lot of potential, but you do not know how to get the most out of it. Do not worry; today we are going to review some key aspects crucial to succeed in the fashion social network.

Instagram is one of the most visual ways of telling what we want through short photos and videos, and it helps us connect with other people, not only on a personal level, but Instagram allows us to build good business relationships buyiglikes buy ig likes.

The first thing: the profile and the hashtags

When creating a profile, you will ask for a username, through which you will find us; Our recommendation is to use, if possible, the same user we have on Twitter. At the same time, we can use the description of our profile to enter keywords and be easier to find in searches. And finally, take advantage of the colorful emoticons to liven up and animate the action.

As for the issue of hashtags, you should know that you can (but should not) use up to 30 different hashtags in a photo. However, do not get carried away by emotion. The tips when using hashtags:

  • Focus on your niche, do not write hashtags because yes: be relevant.
  • Put a few in the original post, between three and five (and take advantage of the comments to add more).
  • Find out which are the most popular hashtags in your sector or among your audience, and use them with your head: if we talk about #amor it may not have anything to do with your restaurant, but it is important that #comida.

Encourage participation

In Instagram you have to be an active person, as in the rest of social networks. Users like to know that behind the account that follows there is a real person. To build good professional relationships with clients you have several points to consider:

  • Include "calls to action" in your photos, like liking the garment that they like the most in the new season.
  • Take advantage of the vein of being able to put localization in your posts, especially if your business is local.
  • Do not forget to promote your link to your website or blog!
  • Look for other similar accounts and try to establish a good relationship with them; For example, you can promote the other's Instagram account.
  • If you want to be heard and want to do it publicly, tag the user in turn in your next post.
  • Do not underestimate the power of the word: you can write up to 2000 characters in each post!
  • Comment on other users' posts, they love it!
  • Do not forget to control your statistics

A good strategy, whatever the type, needs to be controlled before, during and after the application of the techniques that we use. Only then will we know if we are on the right track or if we must make some changes to really succeed on Instagram. One of my favorites is, without a doubt, Statigr am, with many options for a very exhaustive control.