Tips to sell your house

Selling is important if we want to buy. And the sale, according to real estate specialists, is very linked to the aspect we present in our home. Some photographs that show a dirty and dilapidated environment; with clutter or overloaded, is not ideal for someone to visit.

The "home staging" is a marketing technique, "a staging", details the interior designer Laura Gärna, which consists of preparing a property for sale. A very common trend in the United States that is increasingly implemented in other latitudes sell my house fast houston.

It treats, says the decorator, of, "updating four basic points, at least among them painting, emptying the building, repairing furniture, changing floors and enhancing light. Taking into account that the first impression is the one that counts, and that where the house is first seen is through the internet, it is fundamental that the photographs are really good, "says Gärna.


The walls should be free of damage and stains and, when painting, it is best to opt for neutral tones that provide light.

The furniture must match the color of the walls. Avoid overloading the space. The idea is to opt for light furniture, which allows the passage to be fluid in daily life. Warm pieces, even of different styles, that offer a cozy atmosphere, "so much, that they want to stay", comment the interior designer.

The company of bricolaje, home and garden, Bricoprivé bet for an economic option and that does not require work to change the floor, proposes to employ vinyl or linoleum self-adhesive.

A solution in which the new floor is easily placed on top of the old one. Another option that they pose is the installation of the resin floor or the floating floor. None of these materials requires work and are 30 percent cheaper than tiling.


Lighting is a key detail for new owners, both natural and artificial, which is why you have to take care of it and guide it so that both combine creating a good atmosphere with light bulbs, which should provide the right power for each room.

The real estate portal Housell warns that there are two basic concerns about the purchase of a home: distribution and orientation. The orientation determines what rooms in the house will have more natural light and heat, which is also important when it comes to saving energy.

He also advises to "depersonalize" the house and look for a decoration that may please all kinds of clients.

This real estate portal advises decorating with some "vintage" furniture to attract the "millennial" public, as well as decorating with plants that bring freshness to the hall or dining room. A public that does not find it unfavorable to avoid closets and closed spaces to place clothes. "A modern touch always gives a feeling of freedom, spaciousness and tranquility."


If there is a garden or terrace, you have to get "the most out of it", says Laura Gärna. The lawn must be perfectly arranged; green plants, if they are already dry, it is best to remove them.

The terraces should look clear, not like the storage room that we do not have, but that in view we should need if we store "junk" in it.

It is obvious, but it is worth remembering that the house should look clean, without waste on the kitchen table or misplaced furniture.

At the time of the prospective buyer going to see the house, it must be taken into account that the smell of tobacco, food or animals is eliminated with suitable air fresheners.